Mimi Botscheller

Is an artist and educator well known to South Florida audiences.  Her paintings combining Eastern and Western ideologies have been widely shown both nationally and internationally.  Her work has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions and museum competitions from Miami to Palm Beach.  Ms. Botscheller also works in Public Art. She was the recipient of the Duane Hanson Allied Artist as an assistant for a Streetscape Project on Atlantic Blvd in Pompano Beach. In addition Mimi has a public artwork installation located in Terminal 19 in Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale.  Other notable achievements include winning the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship.

Although  a noted painter many may not realize that Ms. Botscheller has been taking pictures and studying photography since 1969.  Recently is becoming recognized for her digital photography, motion art and hybrid media collage work.  Mimi is also planning to archival and present her early work in the near future as this website develops.
Ms. Botscheller received an MFA in Visual Arts from Miami International University of Art and Design and she 21 masters credit in Graphic Design in June, 2011. 

Her newest educational endeavor focused on digital and motion art.  Her Photoshop work has been purchased by photography collector Robert Lewis from Denver, CO as well as the Biba Gallery in Palm Beach.  This work has also been selected for exhibition in SoHo Photo Gallery, NYC in the Professional Woman's Photography show Contrasts. Mimi's motion art work The Reinventor.  Was selected as a semi-finalist in the category; Innovation in Motion and Video in Education for the 2011Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Mimi has been a full time faculty member at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale since 1974.




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