New Work

The Anxiety of Clarity. 2018.   Mixed media assemblage with fabric, cut out printed materials, computer boards, oil paint, plastic toys and burnt tree on wood.  42 x 48 inches.  

The reinvention process continues.

The larger formats provide more space to explore and use more varieties of media.  I am trying to work with limited exposure to traditional pigment media, primarily during times of the year that I can work with windows open and full ventilation. 

I have also found that working very fast helps limits exposure my exposure to paints, solvents and glues.  This also facilitates a great deal of instinct and spontaneous decisions that energizes the work.

With this new work the integration of traditional materials like canvas and paper with digital media has found its groove.   Printed media is used in various ways both as a collage elements or as a photographic component.  I am enjoying creating spaces where photography, painting and drawing may commingle.