January 2017.  Image of the month.  

Digital Garden .   Digital composition originally designed for Traffic Signal boxes. 

36 x 54 inches.

This new image represents a collection of new work I am designing for a Pubic Art Project.  The work is a digital collage of a fantasy garden of native Florida flora.  My love of nature is reflected in my ever evolving home garden which is filled with varieties of plants to attract butterflies as well as areas that are delegated for growing edible vegetables.

I was originally attracted to South Florida because of the incredible light and color of our unique region.  This series revisits the love of beauty and nature that began my artistic journey.

This imaginary garden is a collage of my photography manipulated and developed on the iPad using the Procreate app.  This has reopened my love for traditional media without the medical issues that have prompted me to seek new directions in making my artwork.