November.  Image of the month.   Life's Ballet. 2015

Mixed media on canvas.  Color pencil, gouache, printed material and saw blade.

20 x 20 inches.  Collection of the artist.

My work engages the viewer to experience the narrative visually, verbally, psychologically and physically.  Digital art for me encourages new exploration.  Through expansion of media my personal investigations create layers of virtual media with layers of context and changed perceptions of reality.  It opens the possibilities of a surreal, spiritual multilevel visual experience. 

I reconstitute pre-existing fragments into something new.  This creative process echoes my approach to media as a painter where technology allows for the possibilities of many interesting layers that contribute to the development of surface similar as if using paint.  Layers are built and a space is created where visual accidents in both surface and content. are encouraged. An interaction of logic, intuition and chance combinations produce open-ended questions.   This approach allows the work to respond to constantly changing visual, cultural and historical circumstances.