Mimi Botscheller, Byron Swart and Magnetic Pompano Gallery are proud to host an extraordinary group of artists forthe Hybrid Strategies 2.0 exhibit.  This remarkable assembly of creative women come to Magnetic with years of experience making art.  They have shown their work locally , regionally, nationally and internationally and have collectively won numerous awards and recognition.  Several members of the group have won the Cultural Consortium Fellowship, and are noted educators.

Ms Botscheller originally conceived of the concept for the Hybrid Strategies theme in 2008 with a show that was widely acclaimed. The selected artists all create artworks that challenge traditional methods of making art and have continued to develop ongoing bodies of work that need to be seen and experienced.   New interesting statements emerge through the use of employing varieties of media and concept. 

Hybrid Strategies may be defined as collage art, assemblage art, and sculpture that will open the viewer to the many new intriguing directions that art in the 21st century is exploring. 

Please join us for the opening of the show to meet the artists, enjoy good conversation and visual delights.

The artists who will be exhibiting in the show:

Blima Efraim
Mimi Botscheller
Janet Gold
Paula Gillam
Deborah Gregg
Andrea Huffman
Kimberly Maxwell
Catherine Leisek
Ingrid Andersen Lindfors
Jody Thompson