Hybrid Strategies 2.0 opening night.

The Hybrid Strategies 2.0 exhibit featuring ten noted Broward and Palm Beach county artists opened last Thursday night (May18, 2017) in a new space in Pompano Beach.  Magnetic Gallery, the vision of curator Byron Swart was created to present innovative art in yet another venue supporting the cities mission to become a cultural destination.  Swart a part of The Creative’s team, is also responsible for introducing important international, national and regional artists as the curator for the gallery located inside of Pompano’s new Cultural center.


Since my departure from teaching for 39 years I have been very fortunate to become more acquainted with Pompano’s art community.  An appointment to the cities Public Art Committee for the past two years has introduced me to new wonderful lovers of art who are committed to making our community enriched through Public Art.  I have also been very involved with The Bailey Contemporary Art Center participating in events there, and recently had a very successful one person show of my new work.  Many, many more new viewers have been introduced to my art through the Bailey.  It was a wonderful partnership and I thank all at BaCA for the opportunity to exhibit my work in their fantastic space .

Art is moving to the more eastern parts of the city.  Wrapped traffic signal boxes and artist painted large scale sculptures of Pompano Fish are enjoyed throughout the city and more are being commissioned.  Now, thanks to the Pompano Citi Center, space has been provided in a storefront to promote local and South Florida art.

I was pleased to be invited to be a guest curator in this new huge gallery space. The result is a reset of a show I organized in 2008, exhibited at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale's gallery.  That original exhibit was prophetic in that it was a new body of mixed media work as I gradually pulled away from painting with oil on canvas and was enjoying a new phase of experimentation due to health purposes. 

Eight years later the artists in version 2.0 of the show have continued to make innovative mixed media art.  The artists have enjoyed recognition in many areas including the Cultural Consortium Fellowship, whose art has been selected for prestigious local museum competitions and are extraordinary educators as well.

It was a pleasure to reconvene this group of talent for another look at art that opens itself to innovation and experimentation with varieties of media.  The feedback I received throughout the opening night was overwhelmingly positive.  The audience was engaged looking at the work.

Although very diverse in intent and approach to content and material I was very pleased with the cohesiveness of the exhibit.  My belief that really good art despite its differences has inherent continuity based upon artists that continue to create works that continue to expand the vocabulary of art.

I am pleased to share images of opening night and will be sharing the actual artwork here in a later post.  This is just a taste of some of the art but I would love to invite you to come to the gallery and experience the show for yourself.  All works are for sale and are reasonably priced.  Stop by and enjoy.   The show continues through June 4. 

Here are some images from the opening.  Enjoy!


It's been a while...Selections from Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California.

While in Long Beach I always make a point of stopping by The Museum of Latin American Art.  A relatively new space dedicated to both historic and contemporary Latin art, I have never been disappointed in their quality exhibits.  

One bonus is the Reciprocal Museum Membership that many museums such as the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach share with The Ft Lauderdale Museum of Art.  Four southern California museums, The Museum of Latin Art, The Long Beach Art Museum, Laguna Art Museum and the Orange County Art Museum in Newport Beach became destinations to explore thanks to my membership.

This trip I was traveling with my artist friend,  Blima Efraim.  Always a pleasure to share these rewarding visual experiences in the moment.  Blima standing before the artworks and installations provide an awareness of the monumental scale of the artwork.


DREAMLAND  a Frank Romero Retrospective is a visual delight.  Highways of imagination have you traveling to a time that still feels like the present.  Slices of life and politics are a collage of references unified by an extraordinary sense of color and brush marks. The combination reveals a wonderful personal journey.


From the lovely Dreamland brochure.  Art as an educational experience is a mission of this museum for sure.


I am happy to share some amazing photos of Frank Romero's interesting and powerful work installed impeccably at the MOLAA Long Beach!  

This gentleman seemed like he was part of the exhibit in a Norman Rockwell kind of way.  

This gentleman seemed like he was part of the exhibit in a Norman Rockwell kind of way.  

           Installation view

           Installation view



A matter of scale.  

A matter of scale.  

The Process:  Collages of found references are assembled and drawn.  These large scale drawings display fine detailed network of crosshatched modeling.  

The Process:  Collages of found references are assembled and drawn.  These large scale drawings display fine detailed network of crosshatched modeling.  

The drawings are ultimately developed as large scale expressionistic paintings.  His naive approach to composition draws you into what seem like random compositions.

The drawings are ultimately developed as large scale expressionistic paintings.  His naive approach to composition draws you into what seem like random compositions.

A couple of details from other Romero work although painted in the 70's - 90's.


Art is for me a way to learn about culture and history and personal expression.  It has been a pleasure to discover the work of Frank Romero during my visit to The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA.  

I will be sharing my art adventures here.  Stay tuned for some visual treats.

Waiting for a Return of Wonder

The studio has been busy.  Curators and collectors have been stopping by.  I have work and lots of it.

It is interesting for me to live with work that I have made throughout periods of my life next to new work.  I was a painter and have had to take a hiatus away from the materials that gave my work life in order to reinvent myself using new non toxic and digital material.

The journey continues in a new form and although the process took time it has become an integral part of how I define myself as an artist.

A look back reveals a continuation, a departure not necessarily a separation, just a shift in media.  An awareness of life and natures dualities remains the preoccupation of my explorations both then and now.

This painting is resurfacing now influenced by the recent Rio Summer Olympics.  I was moments away from booking a trip to Rio in the late 80's but circumstances prevented me from being able to leave.  I thrust my disappointment into a drawing that evolved into this painting. A narrative of the experience was recorded as a painting.

I recently hung it our living room from its hallway storage spot. The original painting has never really been exhibited publicly, maybe once.  To me, one of my strongest works.  

An acquaintance requested to come by to see my work as she saw a piece in a recent exhibit.  She originally was interested in a particular digital work but once she saw my paintings she began to think of places to hang the work in her home.  

My original work is quite large and she had limited space and really fell in love with the art.  We decided to print an archival giclee print of the work on canvas in a size that she felt comfortable with.  The final piece has some limited hand painting on it just to keep the colors as true to the original as possible.  The results are astounding.  I call the reproduction my mini me.  


I posted a quick photo of the original and little printed canvas in the link above.  Check it out!

I have quite a few new experimental collaged prints coming here soon.

All work on the site is available with prints of artwork on request.  

A free (for now) alternative to Photoshop

Wow!  It is Photoshop's 25th birthday!  Although there has been several alternatives introduced to the market place at way cheaper prices, Photoshop still survives.  While scrolling through FB where I have many, many friends in the Graphic Design industry I came across this new product.  Thanks Marion S for the post.

The short video reveals this new applications abilities and they look streamlined for professionals.   The best news is that right now a Beta version can be downloaded for free.  


Right now this is not an embeddable link so cutting and pasting will have to suffice for now.I plan on installing this on my desktop and will review it in the near future.  

RIP Melanie Boyer

Sunday was a powerful day.  A memorial service for one of my dearest friends was held almost a year since her passing.  It was a perfect day and I could feel Cat smiling and shedding grace on all of us still here.  Although the year has flown by it has tempered the tears and emotion and waiting a year does not detract from the tragedy but makes reflecting not so harsh.  It was so great to see so many old friends and former students come together to honor a wonderful woman taken too soon.  The beach pavilion and the jetty that Cat walked upon just days before her passing was filled with Love.  I left with a sense of peace.

I was determined to start this week making art.  Charged up from my Miami Art Fair trip and charged with Cat's Love I decided to check in to Facebook before getting started with new work. The first post I saw referenced a former neighbor and childhood friend of our family.  At first the post seemed like an old friend posting a Throw Back Thursday photo but it is Monday and the post read "I can't believe you are gone."  I clicked on her name and now on her page I saw the posts on her wall.  RIP Melanie Boyer with a  short newspaper article confirming my worst fears.  This young woman 32, a mother of a five year old son was gone, a victim of a horrendous car accident.  

Melanie grew up with our son and lived a couple of houses away from us.  She was like a daughter and part of our family.  There was a deeper very sad childhood trauma the dear Mel endured that was so etched in her soul that life was always a challenge.  Her son brought her happiness and the reason to keep plugging forward despite moments of wanting to give up.  


Started this day with another moment of disbelief.  My husbands childhood friend's wife was reported missing in Lasalle, Ontario, near /Windsor.  So out of character for this woman so it was hard not to think the worst.  The frigid cold and very desolate farm roads take many lives during the winter.  Fortunately our friend was found no details yet and one story ends well.  Another may have been saved if Melanie had fastened her seat belt.  

We never know when we are to be called home either by illness, accident or God forbid, sinister means.  Find life and happiness in every moment.  Be as present as you can be and do good things for others.  Melanie was troubled but was learning how to let go of her past, she was a nurse and touched many with her gifts.  RIP dear one.  You are loved.  My deepest sympathy goes out to her family during this very sad time.  Pray for her five year old son.


Some Art Wynwood highlights

Maybe it's just me.  I see so much art that I am finding it more and more difficult to find work that is compelling.  This years installment in many ways is very safe and somewhat commercial.  I bet much work is being sold which is a good thing.

Bernice Steinbaum's exhibit is stellar.  Bernice has gathered new art that straddles design and fine art.  It is great to see artists the caliber of Carol Prusa creating her work as 3-D lighting there is nothing lost in this transition.  Stunning.

Here are some pieces that caught my attention.  Enjoy the show, still up through Monday and still a great way to see lots of work.  I'm sure many will find much to admire.

And if you would prefer to enjoy this amazing winter day outside the famous Coconut Grove Art Festival is in full force!

Wandering around Wynwood

On a cloudless perfect winter day I headed with an artist friend Hegina to the Wynwood art district a couple of hours before the VIP opening for Art Wynwood 2015.  We couldn't resist our first stop at Space 3, a cavernous warehouse with several tall ceiling white separate rooms.  We were greeting by a legion of muscular large men dressed in black, NYC bouncer types.  Asking if we could just poke around these guardians of the art, unthreatened by us they welcomed us in.  

The rooms were filled with scaffolds, industrial lighting and cans of spray paints.  The fumes of the paint lingered in the air while some artists continued working on their murals, others finishing up.  We walked into the last minute preparations for an event, which turned out was to be an auction of a serious collection of the history of graffiti art,  The men in black were in fact guarding the artwork which I noticed in a catalog were upward of $25,000.00 each.

Wynwood has been transformed from the seedy warehouse into kitchens and coffee houses, boutiques and yes, warehouses covered with paint everywhere you can look.  The artwork the most extensive collection of murals I have seen in my travels.  Major players complete with plaques of artist names and date of the mural.  The murals and outside cafes are the draw here as I overheard a wide range of languages on site.  

Art Wynwood discussion will have to wait for a later edition.  Go to the Fairs this weekend, Art Wynwood, coconut Grove art show and Janet Gold's opening will promise to keep me hopping around this weekend.

Here are some visual encountered on this field trip....  The first group of images is Wynwood walls a park of murals.  The Project Space 3 follows.