Hybrid Strategies in Art

The perfect visit

I have been fortunate to be able to experience Dale Chiluly’s tropical garden installation not once, but twice.  The gardens are scheduled to be open Thursday and Sunday nights for the lighted glass installations.  Best to check first before making the trek down there as we should have but the day was perfect, cool, balmy and a sunny winter day.  The drive through Coconut Grove through to Old Cuttler Road to the gardens is one of my favourite drives.   The canopy of old oak trees, massive tropical plants, coral walls  and 35mph speed makes the trip an inspiration.  The area along the bay, the Grove all the way to Fairchild is among the oldest neighbourhoods in South Florida.

The gardens are nothing short of spectacular.  Thankfully the tropical foliage has all grown back since the place was devastated after Hurricane Andrew and the gardens are lush and this season presents lots of flowering plants.

Dale Chiluly  has incorporated his knowledge of the gardens and site specifically designed much of the work to compliment the environment.  He has expanded his color palette and forms to take growth among the plants and trees. 

I am pleased to be able to begin my blog by sharing such an incredible experience with you.

Mimi BotschellerComment