Happy 102 Birthday Henry

To be able celebrate a birthday over 100 years is nothing short of miraculous.  I have had family live well into their 90's but never cross this incredible threshold. Last nights dinner in honor of a dear friend and artist Henry Moretti who is 102 years old is still resonating.

The sculptors hands were still beautiful and  lean and I could feel the stories emanating from them.  The gathering of artists and lovers of art in his honor was celebrated in the home of Matt Carone, himself a driven painter, our former art dealer and master chef of Italian cuisine.  Stepping into his home like entering into the perfect setting to view an amazing collection of art, enjoy wonderful friends and savor fine food and wine.

And Henry was there not remembering who we were and where he was.  Leaving home can be a frightening experience for the elderly.  He sat and watched us, gingerly ate his dinner and by the end of the night appeared to be more present.  I think it was the eclair and chocolate that perked him up but Henry was back with us.

Do I want to live to 102?  I am not sure but I will be happy to know there are still loyal friends around who will celebrate every moments of life that remain.


From left:  Hegina Rodriguez (painter) Sal Zagami (sculptor) and Henry Moretti.

From left:  Hegina Rodriguez (painter) Sal Zagami (sculptor) and Henry Moretti.


Thank you Matt for an inspiring gathering.