Hybrid Strategies in Art

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work I Go

I thought it appropriate to follow my own advice today.  Invigorated by an early Zumba class I headed upstairs to "work".  

Making an initial digital sketch, a basic composition is considered.  Being drawn to images of gestural hands bathed in disco light, a space is developed.  I tend to add a figurative element to initiate a spontaneous narrative.

Mysterious masked figures of questionable gender are positioned between the hands creating a tension both visually and conceptually.  Textural illusions complete the thought and add a visual dynamic of surface.

The large scale file will be printed and adhered to a 30 x 40 inch support where the surface will be archival sealed and mixed media elements will be added. 

The work in the present will carry over to the days to come and a new piece will be complete.  Moment by moment and decision by decision, sometimes the results are wonderful and surprising.  Some work is more successful than others but the urge to make something is satisfied.  

Mimi BotschellerComment