Hybrid Strategies in Art

Waiting for a Return of Wonder

The studio has been busy.  Curators and collectors have been stopping by.  I have work and lots of it.

It is interesting for me to live with work that I have made throughout periods of my life next to new work.  I was a painter and have had to take a hiatus away from the materials that gave my work life in order to reinvent myself using new non toxic and digital material.

The journey continues in a new form and although the process took time it has become an integral part of how I define myself as an artist.

A look back reveals a continuation, a departure not necessarily a separation, just a shift in media.  An awareness of life and natures dualities remains the preoccupation of my explorations both then and now.

This painting is resurfacing now influenced by the recent Rio Summer Olympics.  I was moments away from booking a trip to Rio in the late 80's but circumstances prevented me from being able to leave.  I thrust my disappointment into a drawing that evolved into this painting. A narrative of the experience was recorded as a painting.

I recently hung it our living room from its hallway storage spot. The original painting has never really been exhibited publicly, maybe once.  To me, one of my strongest works.  

An acquaintance requested to come by to see my work as she saw a piece in a recent exhibit.  She originally was interested in a particular digital work but once she saw my paintings she began to think of places to hang the work in her home.  

My original work is quite large and she had limited space and really fell in love with the art.  We decided to print an archival giclee print of the work on canvas in a size that she felt comfortable with.  The final piece has some limited hand painting on it just to keep the colors as true to the original as possible.  The results are astounding.  I call the reproduction my mini me.  


I posted a quick photo of the original and little printed canvas in the link above.  Check it out!

I have quite a few new experimental collaged prints coming here soon.

All work on the site is available with prints of artwork on request.  

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