Hybrid Strategies in Art

Wandering around Wynwood

On a cloudless perfect winter day I headed with an artist friend Hegina to the Wynwood art district a couple of hours before the VIP opening for Art Wynwood 2015.  We couldn't resist our first stop at Space 3, a cavernous warehouse with several tall ceiling white separate rooms.  We were greeting by a legion of muscular large men dressed in black, NYC bouncer types.  Asking if we could just poke around these guardians of the art, unthreatened by us they welcomed us in.  

The rooms were filled with scaffolds, industrial lighting and cans of spray paints.  The fumes of the paint lingered in the air while some artists continued working on their murals, others finishing up.  We walked into the last minute preparations for an event, which turned out was to be an auction of a serious collection of the history of graffiti art,  The men in black were in fact guarding the artwork which I noticed in a catalog were upward of $25,000.00 each.

Wynwood has been transformed from the seedy warehouse into kitchens and coffee houses, boutiques and yes, warehouses covered with paint everywhere you can look.  The artwork the most extensive collection of murals I have seen in my travels.  Major players complete with plaques of artist names and date of the mural.  The murals and outside cafes are the draw here as I overheard a wide range of languages on site.  

Art Wynwood discussion will have to wait for a later edition.  Go to the Fairs this weekend, Art Wynwood, coconut Grove art show and Janet Gold's opening will promise to keep me hopping around this weekend.

Here are some visual encountered on this field trip....  The first group of images is Wynwood walls a park of murals.  The Project Space 3 follows.

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