Hybrid Strategies in Art

Some Art Wynwood highlights

Maybe it's just me.  I see so much art that I am finding it more and more difficult to find work that is compelling.  This years installment in many ways is very safe and somewhat commercial.  I bet much work is being sold which is a good thing.

Bernice Steinbaum's exhibit is stellar.  Bernice has gathered new art that straddles design and fine art.  It is great to see artists the caliber of Carol Prusa creating her work as 3-D lighting there is nothing lost in this transition.  Stunning.

Here are some pieces that caught my attention.  Enjoy the show, still up through Monday and still a great way to see lots of work.  I'm sure many will find much to admire.

And if you would prefer to enjoy this amazing winter day outside the famous Coconut Grove Art Festival is in full force!

Mimi BotschellerComment