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RIP Melanie Boyer

Sunday was a powerful day.  A memorial service for one of my dearest friends was held almost a year since her passing.  It was a perfect day and I could feel Cat smiling and shedding grace on all of us still here.  Although the year has flown by it has tempered the tears and emotion and waiting a year does not detract from the tragedy but makes reflecting not so harsh.  It was so great to see so many old friends and former students come together to honor a wonderful woman taken too soon.  The beach pavilion and the jetty that Cat walked upon just days before her passing was filled with Love.  I left with a sense of peace.

I was determined to start this week making art.  Charged up from my Miami Art Fair trip and charged with Cat's Love I decided to check in to Facebook before getting started with new work. The first post I saw referenced a former neighbor and childhood friend of our family.  At first the post seemed like an old friend posting a Throw Back Thursday photo but it is Monday and the post read "I can't believe you are gone."  I clicked on her name and now on her page I saw the posts on her wall.  RIP Melanie Boyer with a  short newspaper article confirming my worst fears.  This young woman 32, a mother of a five year old son was gone, a victim of a horrendous car accident.  

Melanie grew up with our son and lived a couple of houses away from us.  She was like a daughter and part of our family.  There was a deeper very sad childhood trauma the dear Mel endured that was so etched in her soul that life was always a challenge.  Her son brought her happiness and the reason to keep plugging forward despite moments of wanting to give up.  


Started this day with another moment of disbelief.  My husbands childhood friend's wife was reported missing in Lasalle, Ontario, near /Windsor.  So out of character for this woman so it was hard not to think the worst.  The frigid cold and very desolate farm roads take many lives during the winter.  Fortunately our friend was found no details yet and one story ends well.  Another may have been saved if Melanie had fastened her seat belt.  

We never know when we are to be called home either by illness, accident or God forbid, sinister means.  Find life and happiness in every moment.  Be as present as you can be and do good things for others.  Melanie was troubled but was learning how to let go of her past, she was a nurse and touched many with her gifts.  RIP dear one.  You are loved.  My deepest sympathy goes out to her family during this very sad time.  Pray for her five year old son.


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