Powerful Performance

Many readers may not realize that I studied ballet most of my early years from six to about 14 years old.  The control of motion and release of emotion  is powerful here and I am pleased to see  the artist Hozier taking the risk to bring his message to the screen.  David Chapelle is among my favorite photographers for his ability to go for the juggler.

Happy 102 Birthday Henry

To be able celebrate a birthday over 100 years is nothing short of miraculous.  I have had family live well into their 90's but never cross this incredible threshold. Last nights dinner in honor of a dear friend and artist Henry Moretti who is 102 years old is still resonating.

The sculptors hands were still beautiful and  lean and I could feel the stories emanating from them.  The gathering of artists and lovers of art in his honor was celebrated in the home of Matt Carone, himself a driven painter, our former art dealer and master chef of Italian cuisine.  Stepping into his home like entering into the perfect setting to view an amazing collection of art, enjoy wonderful friends and savor fine food and wine.

And Henry was there not remembering who we were and where he was.  Leaving home can be a frightening experience for the elderly.  He sat and watched us, gingerly ate his dinner and by the end of the night appeared to be more present.  I think it was the eclair and chocolate that perked him up but Henry was back with us.

Do I want to live to 102?  I am not sure but I will be happy to know there are still loyal friends around who will celebrate every moments of life that remain.


From left:  Hegina Rodriguez (painter) Sal Zagami (sculptor) and Henry Moretti.

From left:  Hegina Rodriguez (painter) Sal Zagami (sculptor) and Henry Moretti.


Thank you Matt for an inspiring gathering.

The Artist is Present

I just finished watching Marina Abramovic's The Artist is present video on Netflix.  Having experienced the retrospective at MOMA brought me back to the time of sharing this moment with friends Jimmie and Gisella Stone and their children. The documentary was like returning to the atrium, complete with all of the emotional connections.


I had never witnessed an artist exhibit of such profound scope and interactivity.  The brilliance of the installations seem even more impressive after watching the preparation of launching this show, not to mention the life stories and journeys traveled to create each work.

At almost two hours I watched the film in two sessions in order to allow for my full attention.  I learned many new things today and I am grateful for that.

Here are a few moments of this inspiring documentary.  Available to view on Netflix or iTunes.

About my new website: a work in progress

The collections of work presented to you here reflect many years of making art mapping my journey as an artist.  I am in the process of collecting, digitizing and archiving work I have made since the late 60's.  The return to photography is not a new departure but a part of my history.  I began taking pictures in the late 60's processing and printing the film and there are some vintage prints that have survived, some in great condition. 

The website will become my vehicle to share both new and past work, reflect on art and music I encounter, interesting reads and in the future galleries of other artists work for sale on the site.  

light wings copy.jpg

The perfect visit

I have been fortunate to be able to experience Dale Chiluly’s tropical garden installation not once, but twice.  The gardens are scheduled to be open Thursday and Sunday nights for the lighted glass installations.  Best to check first before making the trek down there as we should have but the day was perfect, cool, balmy and a sunny winter day.  The drive through Coconut Grove through to Old Cuttler Road to the gardens is one of my favourite drives.   The canopy of old oak trees, massive tropical plants, coral walls  and 35mph speed makes the trip an inspiration.  The area along the bay, the Grove all the way to Fairchild is among the oldest neighbourhoods in South Florida.

The gardens are nothing short of spectacular.  Thankfully the tropical foliage has all grown back since the place was devastated after Hurricane Andrew and the gardens are lush and this season presents lots of flowering plants.

Dale Chiluly  has incorporated his knowledge of the gardens and site specifically designed much of the work to compliment the environment.  He has expanded his color palette and forms to take growth among the plants and trees. 

I am pleased to be able to begin my blog by sharing such an incredible experience with you.

Significant issue to all artists, plagiarism

I was just about to close down my computer when I noticed this article. I guess I may have to remove my mixed media piece "When There is a Hole in your Soul" a portrait of a president spitting out saw blades.  New to blog posting so I hope the link works.


http://hyperallergic.com/176138/luc-tuymans-convicted-of-plagiarism-for-painting-photo-of-politician/?  I have my doubts about this working so I'm sure if you google the text above to get a better link.  Until next time and hopefully learning more about how this all works.

This blog is about me, well not all about me but rather me connecting to a moment and sharing that moment with you.


Visual Voyages Blog

Aside from my family the two things that I love are art and travel.  Wherever I travel whether throughout my community, state, country or the world I look and find art.  As an instructor for 40 years education is forever in my soul and art and travel provide endless opportunities to share and teach.

Reflecting on all things visual through a blog is a new way for me to chronicle my journey.